Our Values: Made in Japan

We are "made in Japan" - at yucasii tokyo, we make all of our one-piece dresses in Japan. While some of our materials such as silk are from abroad, all the manufacturing process from dyeing and knitting of the fabric to sewing is done in Japan.

Delicately-detailed stitches make our dresses not only comfortable to wear but also beautiful and elegant to look at.

Skilled craftsmen at our partner factories in Japan do all the stitching and sewing with care.

The bottom edge of the dresses are hand stitched. Although this process is time consuming and costly, we believe that it is essential in creating a perfect "seamless" silhouette.

To pursue comfort and beauty, we have placed strap holders on the inside of shoulders on all of our dresses so that underwear straps wouldn't show (except for some dresses whose design requires shoulders without these straps).

As a result of the migration of manufacturing to overseas in pursuit of cost reduction, not only sewing but also the textile industry itself is disappearing in Japan.

When textile was a dominant industry in Japan, there were many craftsmen and the entire process from manufacturing of materials to sewing and finishing was done in Japan. Now, many of the factories in Japan which were manufacturing for Japanese apparel brands are gone.

There is no surprise that those who survived are highly skilled and experienced.

At yucasii tokyo, we strive to bring our dresses, a symbol of Japanese craftsmanship, to the world.