Our Values: Simple is Beautiful

Right from the beginning, yucasii's dress-making process involves various partners with expertise in different areas.

Designer from Central Saint Martins, patterner formerly from Hiroko Koshino, textile/product manager formerly from A-GIRL'S, branding manager formerly from Yoji Yamamoto... We all come together as a team to create the best product.

While the team members are used to making complex designs, at yucasii tokyo, we only make one-piece dresses. A one-piece dress, as its name suggests, is a "one piece" that completes the shape and can be considered as one of the simplest forms of clothing. Specialized in making one-piece dresses, we go even further to focus on "simple forms."

This pursuit of absolute simplicity comes from yucasii's philosophy of "Simple is Beautiful." As we pursue simplicity, the complexity of designs and production increases, and we get closer and closer to the core of beauty.

Simplicity is not equal to a simple design. If a design seems too simple and easy to make, we redo our designs and calculations over and over again until we reach perfection.

At times, we try something decorative but end up coming back to the original simple theme.

"Create a minimal silhouette with an absolute piece of fabric."

Everyday, yucasii tokyo strives to make the absolute piece.

Our Values: Fabric

Our Values: Made in Japan